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Honey Beer Bread Recipe

5 minute Fool proof recipe from Julie Blanner! Check out her amazing content!!

Honey Beer Bread Ingredients

  • Flour – All purpose.

  • Honey – Naturally sweetens this simple recipe.

  • Beer – You can mix this easy recipe up with your favorite beer or whatever you have on hand! My favorite beer for beer bread is an IPA for robust flavor. Get suggestions below.

  • Baking Powder – The leavening agent that gives this bread the perfect crumb.

  • Minced Garlic – You can use fresh minced garlic, but I always use minced garlic purchased in the produce section of the grocery store. It adds incredible flavor, without the fuss!

  • Butter – I always use salted butter in all of my bread recipes, but if you don’t use salted butter, add a little salt. It’s listed as optional in the recipe.

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