Do you have C02? 

We sell full 5 lb C02 Tanks, they are $160 and you get to keep the tank. We don't refill them at our location. 

Can I place an order for pickup?

Sure thing! Just email us your equipment list or ingredient list and we can help put it together. Just give us a day to get it all together incase the shop is busy. If we're out of stock of anything we'll email you with substitution options. 

Image by Hermes Rivera
Do you have everything I need if it's my first time brewing? 

You bet we do! We'll help you figure out all the equipment and ingredients needed for your brew and how to get organized for your first batch! 

Do you ever host classes? 

We host classes within our Store with Michael's Beer and Wine Studio. The cost of the class is ordering a batch of beer and then making it with us. Its approx. a 6-7 hour day of brewing and we take you through step by step using our top of the line equipment. 

A regular batch is $178 and makes approximately 

48 Litres of Beer! (Works out to about 140 of the 355mL bottles) You get to choose the type and customize it with our Brew Master, assisting every step of the way. 

Beer Bottles
Do we fix keg parts or attachments?

We totally don't. But if it comes up, YouTube is incredible for that kind of stuff! And way cheaper than bringing it in! 

Do you ship items at all?

We don't ship at the moment, but give us a call if you have any special requests. We can probably figure something out together :) 

How do I know prices or if an item is in stock?

You can either call the shop 250-762-2337,

email us

or come in the shop to inquire about an item! 

Image by Hermes Rivera