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  • What's the process for making wine there?
    1. Choose the Varietal that you would like to make here. All wines are 23 litres and will make approx 28-30 bottles 2. Place your order by calling, emailing, or ordering online. 3. Book an appointment to come in and make it with our expert team. 4. We take care of the rest! For the next 5-8 weeks we take care of the primary fermenting, racking, stirs, clarifying, cold crashing, and filtering. 5. When your wine is ready we will contact you to let you know and you can use our online booking system to chose a date and time. 6. For bottling day make sure your bottles have been cleaned using an effective method. Upon arrival you will bring your bottles to the sanitizing station. We will be with you every step of the way for using our 4 bottle autofill until and automatic corker. We have labels and shrink tops available to decorate your bottle. AT HOME: We recommend you store it in a cool dark place around 8°C - 16°C. Garages and cold storage work as well. Our craft wines are made without commercial preservatives so we recommend staying in the guidelines for aging. Make sure to place your next order before its all gone, remember it takes 1-2 months to make. ;)
  • What's the process for making beer there?
    1. Place your order and decide if you're making: Extract Barley Beer - 2 hour brew session (ready to bottle in 2 weeks) All Grain Beer - 6 hour brew session (ready to bottle in 3 weeks) 2. Book an appointment for when you'd like to come in and make it with our expert team. 3. Our team will take care of the reminaing steps during fermentation at our location. 4. You will receive a phone call when it's ready and we will schedule an appt for you to come back and bottle it. AT HOME: since there are no preservatives in this product we reccommend that you store it in a cold dark place (2-11C) If kept cold it will last 3-4 months. *rinse your bottles right away and clean to reuse for the next time.
  • What's the process for making cider there?
    1. Place your order 2. We schedule a time for you to come in and make it with our expert team. Total process is short and sweet, only takes about 15 minutes. 3. Our team takes care of the fermentation steps (4 weeks) 4. We call you when it's ready and schedule your bottling appointment AT HOME: We reccommend you keep it cold. Theres no preservatives in your cider and it will last 6 months if you can keep it between 2-11C *rinse your bottles right away to resuse for next time.
  • How do I clean my bottles?
    We reccomend rinsing them right after use so nothing builds on the bottle. We highly suggest you avoid dishwashers as it leaves a residue on the bottle that causes a film that makes beer foam, wine tainted and cider foam. A few days before your bottling appointment it's best to make a bucket of water and bleach solution to clean all bacteria from your bottles. Or soaking them in a bath tub in a water bleach solution over night. Bottle brushes are handy for any sediment in the bottle of glass bottles. If you're noticing your bottles are foaming for multiple visits in a row, a microscopic bacteria has built up in the grain of your bottle and its time for replacing, or a PBW soaking. PBW is "Powder Brewery Wash" Its a food grade dissolvant. You soak your bottles in a water/pbw solution for 12 hours and all contaminents dissovle off. Rinse and dry.
  • How long do the products last?
    Our craft beers, ciders and wine are made without commercial preservatives so we recommend staying in the guidelines for aging. Craft Beer - When stored properly can last 3-4 months Craft Cider -When stored properly can last 5-6 months White Wine -When stored properly can last 12-18 months Red Wine - When stored properly can last 24-30 months
  • Do you have keg tap rentals?
    YES WE DO! We have Keg tap rentals available every day of the week. We charge $45 for 24 hours. Keg tap rentals Kelowna
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Kelowna BC, On the corner of Springfield Rd and Spall Rd We're beside Second Tyme Around Consignment Clothing & White's BBQ #180 - 2000 Spall Rd Kelowna BC V1Y 9P6 250-762-2337
  • Do you help if it's our first time?
    We will guide you through every single step even on your 100th time in the store. We are there to help in the creation of your product, maintence of your product and we assit you in setting up the bottling for when you return for your appointment when its ready.
  • Do you fill C02 Tanks?
    We currently DO NOT fill c02 tanks. We dont have the license to do so at our building. We reccomend Western Gas Co or Interior Beverage. They're great!
  • Do you sell ingredients and Equipment for Home Brewing?
    We carry 50+ different kinds of grains/malts/barley, 40+ different kinds of hops, 30+ kinds of yeast and many additives & adjuncts for recipe building. We have things to make beer, wine, cider, distilling, mead, kombucha, bread, protien powder, pickling, sake, and much more. Get creative!
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