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Extract Barely Craft Beer

Ready to Bottle in 2 weeks- 48 litres

Make beer with our expert team helping with every step. Brew session is 2 hours. Then our team tends to it for the 2 week fermentation. Then we filter and carbonate it for you and you come back to bottle your custom craft beer.

All Grain Craft Beer

Ready to bottle in 3 weeks - 48 litres

Sunday Brew session. 6 hour class where you learn to make beer from scratch. Ready to bottle in 3 weeks

1. Place your order
2. Book appt to make it with our team
3. Come back to bottle it

Opening Beer Bottle

Craft Beer Styles

All Grain Or Extract Barley

Custom:   SRM (colour),   IBU (bitterness),   ABV% (alcohol)

  • Pale Ale

  • Blonde Ale

  • Blonde Lager

  • Canadian Lager

  • Pilsner

  • Euro Pilsner

  • Indian Pale Ale

  • Citrus Indian Pale Ale

  • Amber Ale

  • Red Ale

  • Bock

  • Nut Brown

  • Dunkle

  • Porter

  • Stout

  • Custom Recipe

**have a favourite beer?  We can follow the recipe

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