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Custom Packages

Do your party Differently 

Rent the Mobile Bar for your special event. Featuring golden custom made taps that you can fill with sparkling wine, champagne, craft beer, seltzer & cider.



Flat fee $450/ for 4 hour rental
includes: delivery of trailer, C02, keg rentals, keg filling, service fee, cleaning fee & taxes

Additional time -$50/hr
Keg of Sparkling Wine -19 litres $189
Keg of Champagne - 19 litres $18
Keg of Craft Beer -19 litres $99
Keg of Craft Cider - 19 litres $139
Keg of Seltzer - 19 litres -$139

The trailer can hold up to 8 kegs per event. 
4 different products 


Any Occasion

Custom Choices

Life is full of special moments. Creating your own wine and beer can be super special to share with your friends and family. Book a private brew session for you and your group to come in! 

Any Occasion

Unique Features

  • Strong Tires - bring to a field/barn/special destination 

  • Solar Power - minimal carbon footprint

  • Silent - doesn't require a generator for power

  • Choice - have four different products featured

  • Lighting - lights below trailer & on taps for evening events

how many kegs?

Calculate how much to make

  • Average wine & champagne serving is 272mL (8 ounce)
    19 litre keg = approx. 80 servings

  • average beer, cider & seltzer serving is 355mL
    19 litre keg = approx. 50-60 servings

  • Take the # of guests multiply the # of hours = drinks/person
    Example: 1 guest over 5 hrs = 5 drinks. 
    x 100 guests = 500 servings 

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