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How to Make DME Beer at Home

This is a rough outline to help out if you have't made a DME beer before! We highly recommend making Youtube your friend on this one, there's thousands of great videos for Home Brewing. 

Put aside - 130 grams of dme for the carbonating step at the very end.

The DME is what goes directly into your pot as your base, add the DME when your water gets hot. Not boiling. (around 170F)

Mix it in the water and Bring it to a boil.

When it gets to a gentle rolling boil this is when you add your first hops, (bittering)

Stir them in directly

Let it boil for about an hour with a slow rolling boil.

For the final 5 minutes of boil you add your second hops (aroma)

Stir them in.
Turn off heat.

While it's simmering you do the "steeping grains." This is when you dip the milled grains into the brew using a cheese cloth/hop bag/mesh bag etc. You dunk the grains in like a tea bag to change the flavour and colour. The longer it "steeps" the more intense they will be. *never boil steeping grains.

Let your beer cool. -you can move the kettle/pot to an ice bath - some people do this to speed up this step.

Once it's room temp, transfer it to a fermenting bucket or carboy.

Once the beer is room temp and in a fermenter, you add the yeast package.

Try to sprinkle right on top, you don't stir it!! let it lie. (extra helpful if you avoid the sides of the bucket/fermenter. 

Now you put on our airlock with water a barrier and bung and it will ferment for 10-14 days.

Change the airlock every time it gets gucky or full. check on it everyday to make sure the water hasn't evaporated or clogged from releasing. 

If you have a hydrometer, the reading of "1.0082 - 1.011" will indicate that its ready. If you don't have one, the airlock should stop bubbling/theres no action any more.

To carbonate, get the 130 grams of DME you put aside and mix it into your beer

Once you're done stirring it, then you bottle your beer.

The Fresh DME you just put into the beer will reactivate it to create carbonation in the bottles.If you want it to be extra carbonated you can add "carbonation drops" that we sell in store. 

Let your bottles sit for 7-8 days, now they're carbonated and ready. 

YAY! You did it! Look at you go! 

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